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20th Viadrina Prize
Awarded on 5 October 2021

Award winners since 1999

9 May 2019 – Agnieszka Holland (Director and script editor)

1-20190509_Viadrina-Preis_MG_9898--quadrat-175 ©Bastian Bielig

Picture gallery from the award ceremony

Encouragement award:
„Studencka Poradnia Prawa w Collegium Polonicum”;
legal advice service organised by students of the Collegium Polonicum

9 June 2017 – German-Polish Textbook Commission

175px-2017_06_09_Viadrina-Preis_MG_3039-3167 quadrat ©Heide Fest

Picture gallery from the award ceremony



Encouragement award:
„Initiative Deutschunterricht für AsylbewerberInnen (IDA)”

9 May 2016 – Prof. Dr. Anna Wolff-Powęska (Polish historian and political scientist)

2016_05_09_Viadrina-Preis-Verleihung-Anna Wolff-Poweska_MG_7170 ©Heide Fest

Picture gallery from the award ceremony



Encouragement award:
„ART an der Grenze”;
art festival organised by students 

4 May 2015 – Wolfgang Templin (Civil rights activist and publicist)

001-2015_05_04_Viadrina-Preis-Wolfgang-Templin_MG_6776-1-web ©Heide Fest

Picture gallery from the award ceremony




Encouragement award:
„Deutsch-Polnische Seniorenakademie Frankfurt (Oder) und Słubice”

12 May 2014 – Prof. Dr. Irena Lipowicz (Former polish ombudsman and Commissioner for Human Rights)

2014_05_12Viadrina-Preis_MG_1277_175pix ©Heide Fest / Pressestelle

Picture gallery from the award ceremony



Encouragement award:
„Studierendenmeile e. V.”;
student project

7 May 2013 – Hans-Dietrich Genscher (†) (Former german federal minister)

2013_Genscher ©Winfried Mausolf




Encouragement award:
„Nowa Amerika”; 
transnational german-polish project

7 May 2012 – Krzysztof Penderecki (†) (Polish composer and conductor)

2012Penderecki ©Heide Fest




Encouragement award:
„Insitute for Applied History – Society and Science in Dialogue”;
research institute founded by Viadrina-students

1 December 2010 – Volker Schlöndorff (Film director, screenwriter, filmmaker)

2010Schloendorff ©Heide Fest




Encouragement award:
student musical about Viadrina

30 November 2009 – Tadeusz Mazowiecki (†) (Former prime minister of Poland)

2009Mazowiecki ©Heide Fest   




Encouragement award:
student theatre festival

26 November 2008 – Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth (Former President of the Bundestag & President of Deutsches-Polen-Institut) and to "polenplus" (German-Polish magazine)

2008Suessmuth-polenplus ©Heide Fest   

Encouragement award:
„cross-border bus line”;
student project

30 November 2007 – The Copernicus Group (a joint project of the German Institute for Polish Culture in Darmstadt and the Germany and Northern Europe Institute in Szczecin)

2007Kopernikus_Gruppe ©Heide Fest   




Encouragement award:
„Kunstgriff e.V.”;
student initiative

16 November 2006 – Adam Krzemiński (Polish journalist and publicist)

2006Adam-Krzeminski ©Heide Fest   


Encouragement award:
„verbuendungshaus fforst”;
intercultural student living-project

21 November 2005 – Prof. Dr. Rudolf von Thadden (†) (German historian)

2005vonThadden ©Heide Fest   



Encouragement award:
Sarina Schewczyk; 

14 Dezember 2004 – Prof. Dr. Włodzimierz Borodziej (Polish publicist and historian)

2004Wlodzimierz-Borodziej ©Heide Fest


Encouragement awards:
„Law Moot Court”;
student initiative

„Schwäbisch Hall-Zamoscz”;
town twinning

18 Dezember 2003 – Markus Meckel (German politician, SPD party, and former member of the German Bundestag)

2003MarkusMeckel ©Heide Fest

19 November 2002 – Janusz Reiter (Former Polish ambassador in Germany)

2002_JanuszReiter ©Heide Fest   


Encouragement awards:
graduate network

project: integration of foreign students

13 July 2001– Günter Grass (†) (German author and Nobel laureate)

2001_13_07_guenther_grass ©Heide Fest

Encouragement award:
student literature project

22 June 2000 – Adam Michnik (Polish political publicist and chief editor of "Gazeta Wyborcza")

2000_adam_michnik ©Heide Fest   




Encouragement award:
„Spotkanie” and „Interstudis”;
student initiative

8 July 1999 – Karl Dedecius (†) (German translator of Polish and Russian literature)

1999Dedecius_FotoAdamCzernenko ©Adam Czernenko