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Fotos of the University Buildings

Frankfurt (Oder) und Slubice auf dem zweiten plan ©Pressestelle Heide Fest

Main Building (HG)

The former government building is situated directly in the city centre. This building houses the university library, seminar rooms and most of the universities administration as well as the departments of all three faculties. Furthermore the president's office can be found in this building.

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Gräfin-Dönhoff Building (GD)

The Gräfin-Dönhoff Building was opened in October 2002 after three years of building and was designed by the architect couple Yamagucci-Essig. Within the building are 8 lecture rooms, 9 exercise rooms, 8 seminar rooms, 1 computer cabinet as well as the big refectory (Mensa) and cafeteria. In total the building has enough space for 3000 students.

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Auditorium Maximum (AM)

The Auditorium Maximum was completely renovated in 2003. It is located between Main Building and Gräfin-Dönhoff Building. The registration and examination office, several seminar rooms, departments and administration offices can be found here. Also in this building are the second refectory (Mensa) and the largest lecture room (fits 600 students)

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August-Bebel (AB)

The former barracks in the August-Bebel-Straße (near the city centre, can be reached by tram) houses the Language Centre, the Multi Media Self Access Study Centre, several computer cabinets, lecture and seminar rooms and one cafeteria.

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Collegium Polonicum (CP)

The Collegium Polonicum is a cross-border scientific institution between the European University Viadrina und the Adam-Mickiewicz-Universität Poznan. The CP is situated directly on the Polish side of the river Oder in Frankfurts Polish neighbour town Słubice.

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Logenhaus (LH)

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Begegnungszentrum (IBZ)
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