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Computer Rental Service

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We are happy to help all students who do not have a proper laptop, the right operating system, or the appropriate computer programs for online teaching. From now on it is possible to borrow one of our new laptops incl. headset, e.g. for the exam period, a project period, or the summer school, in order to participate better online in the digital semester.


If you do not need the laptop for the online teaching, we would like to ask you to refrain from using this service.


How do I rent computer?

You can use the following online form to request a laptop.

Please fill out the form as best as possible.

After confirming your request and preparing a rental contract, you can pick up a rental laptop in the Logenhaus LH K 03.
The issue and return of the loaned devices takes place on individual agreement.
The maximum loan period is one semester. You can also rent a laptop for a short period. 

If you do not need the laptop before the end of the loan period, we ask you to return them immediately. 

If a device is available, you will be notified immediately.