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Digital Tools


Trello is easy to use and helps ToDos to manage the daily small and the bigger ToDos, no matter if alone or in a group. Keep an eye on everything with the help of different project boards.

Asana: is a popular tool that combines project management, task management and communication.

Organize teams and communicate:

Slack is a cross-device platform that helps not to lose the overview in the team. You can use group channels, file sharing, tagging as well as many other integrations to manage projects remotely and communicate in a topic-centric way.

Doodle or Dudle  are uncomplicated tools to coordinate appointments without having to do the exhausting feedback process.

ZoomGo to MeetingJitsi  - Online meeting platforms are booming right now. It is possible to organize meetings, appointments, jour fixe etc. digitally.

Collaborate and present

Eetherpad Instanz and hackmd  allow you to work on texts in realtime. 

cryptopad  is an office and cloud service with built-in data security.

Mural is an online whiteboard, for visual collaboration. On the blank boards, you can work with virtual Post-Its and arrange them as you like.  

Miro is an "infinite" online whiteboard. You can access documents directly from the whiteboard. You can also edit Google Docs documents in Miro.

Prezi is an online presentation program whose structure reminds of an interactive mindmap. The program is available for various operating systems and works with various apps and platforms.

Idea generation and mindmapping:

Mindmeister is a classic digitized mindmapping tool . It allows you to work on ideas in a team at the same time.

Cool everyday and productivity helpers:

Forrest:The focus app helps you to work concentrated for a certain time. You plant a digital tree, let it grow while you work and with time you have created a whole forest with your focus. But beware, if you stop before then the tree will be destroyed.

Rescue Time: How much time do you spent on your computer, phone or tablet? Rescue Time analyzes your time usage and divides it into productive and less productive blocks.

Bring:Milk, eggs, garbage bags. These are the things that usually pop into your head when you're working on your paper. Type them into the Bring app and share them with your friend or flatmate. Whoever gets the things can delete them with one click.

Just say no: Want to stop bad habits? Then say no to swearing and smoking. The app helps you document everything and remind you how good saying "no" is.

Coffitivity – With Coffitivity you can add background sounds from cafes to help increase productivity.

*These recommendations are primarily for personal use by students and staff. You can find all of the university's official tools here.

New Perspectives for New Work:

Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset is a dynamic mindset for successful work.
In this mindset, the belief is strong that talents and skills can evolve. Through practice, everyone can expand their limits and develop new skills. So you can do something for your own development.

Sounds interesting? Then take a look at this video or this book.

16 Personalities- Test

Which work type are you? Find it out under the following link!  

Vsion Board

Visualization releases enormous power. Learn how to create a Vsion Board and keep your goals in sight.
Vision Board 

FuckUp Night

Failure is a necessary part of success. That's what FuckUp Nights stand for. Here, failure are dealt with openess, so you don't have to make those mistakes again. FuckUp Nights take place all over the world. Maybe you would like to organize one yourself. You can find more information here.


Have fun coworking and stay healthy!