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Coworking between home office and buisness as usual

The balance between normality and beeing careful is a big challenge. The new "normal" still feels strange. Routines, procedures and processes have to be established step by step. It helps to take a look around. What do others do? How can we help each other? We will still be there for you and help you on your way into your new work routines.

Discovery of the week

Every Monday we also present helpful tools, nice podcasts, smart articles or funny videos and much more. Our discoveries are meant to guide you through the week and can be accessed here.

"Work & Sweatpants Talk" (german)

Every two weeks we will have a digital "Work & Sweatpants Talk". We talk about topics related to work and invite guests and experts to join us. Always cozy and with a little life hack.

You can access all the podcast episodes on YouTube or Spotify.

You have topics that interest you? Then write to us at coworking@europa-uni-de!

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