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Application - Documents & Forms

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Terms of Admission

Prerequisite for the admission to a graduate study program is the successful graduation from a university. This qualification must be equivalent to a degree obtained in Germany.

Please be aware that the equivalance of the foreign degree to a German graduation can vary from country to country. This means that in certain cases, the fulfilment of other prerequisits (e.g. APS) may be mandatory prior to the admission. Please enquire about the necessary requirements in time!

If you have doubts whether your qualification is valid, do not hesitate to contact us.

Required Documents and Forms

  1. Printed Application Form - completely filled in and personally signed

    1. When applying for the 1st semester:
      • You apply directly at the VIADRINA, i.e.:
        First you apply online with viaCampusAfter completing the online application, a PDF is generated. The first page of the PDF-file is your application form. Print it and sign it personally by hand! Additionally you have to send your application form together with all necessary documents paper based to the VIADRINA.

    2. When applying for a higher semester:
      • Important: You will need additionally a permission by the faculty to start studying in a higher semester.  Contact the respective study advisor and gain permission before starting the application process!

  2. All Available Proofs of Previous Studies/ Study Achievements

    1. Graduation/Degree Certificate (Bachelor or Equivalent)

      • an Officially Certified Copy
        This qualification must be equivalent to a degree obtained in Germany. The equivalance of foreign degrees to a German graduation can vary from country to country (see "Terms of admission"). Please enquire about the respective requirements.

      • and an Offical Translation
        by a certified translator into either German or English

    2. and Transcript of Records
      (Officially Certified Copy  &  Official Translation)

          • including the applied grading scale!

  3. Proof of Sufficient Language Skills

        • Proof - German:
          Please check accepted tests and the respective requirements.
          Those proofs have to be submitted as an officially certified copy!
          Be aware:
          • The proof of your current German language skills must be submitted as an officially certified copy with all other application documents already at the time of application.
          • The proof of the required German skills must be submitted, in case of admission for studying, as an officially certified copy or in original latest at the time of enrollment.

        • Proof - English and Other Languages:
          Accepted tests and the respective requirements differ according to your respective master program as well as the time for submission. Please check carefully!

  4. Copy of Passport
        • A simple non-certified copy is required.
        • Must clearly show the passport holders name, date and place of birth as well as your signature.

  5. Additional Documents
        • Be aware: Depending on the master program additional documents may be required.

What is an "Official Certification"?

Please do not submit any original documents! Please send photocopies.
Remember, the correct authorities must officially certify certain photocopies!

  • Applicants from EU-countries
    Photocopies can be officially certified by a notary, by schools, or by universities.

  • Applicants from non EU-countries
    Photocopies have to be officially certified at a German consulate or by an authorized notary.

All the best for your application!