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Viadrina Voices: Folge mit Yaman

Study organisation

Yaman - interviewed by Fabio (in English, 10:39 min)

  • “The university officials are very helpful and cooperative.”
  • “It's a very good program for international students because it prepares you for the job market in Germany and elsewhere.”
  • “Always keep up with your studies.”

Yaman shared his experience about the IBA program at Viadrina with us and stated a few recommendations for new students, such as improving mathematics skills before starting the program and making sure that they start studying after the first lecture as the block system does not provide enough time to rely on the exams period to study everything. He shared his struggle as an international student studying only in English. These struggles are because of the poor variety of course offers in English, but he mentioned that the university is working on it by adding more courses in English every semester. Generally, Yaman recommends international students who are passionate about the business field to pursue this program at Viadrina.

The Viadrina Voices podcasts were created by dedicated student tutors who developed digital offers - from students for students - at the Centre for Key Competences and Research-Based Learning (ZSFL) as part of the Funding Programme for Digital Higher Education of the State of Brandenburg from July-December 2020.