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Viadrina Voices: Folge mit Yaman

Living Abroad

Yaman - interviewed by Linda (in English, 5:30 min)

  • “The hardest struggle was to take on additional responsibilities”
  • “It definitely gets easier by time and it made me grow as a person. I can say I am much stronger now”
  • “Taking on a full spectrum of responsibilities made me feel very free and independent”
  • “Another thing that I love about living abroad is the chance to expand your horizon”

Yaman an international student at Viadrina shares his experiences about living abroad. Yaman has lived in four different countries so far and he definitely enjoyed interacting with new cultures and integration. For Yaman, it was challenging to deal with a full spectrum of responsibilities in the beginning but he made it clear that it was worth it and that the benefits outweigh the challenges.

The Viadrina Voices podcasts were created by dedicated student tutors who developed digital offers - from students for students - at the Centre for Key Competences and Research-Based Learning (ZSFL) as part of the Funding Programme for Digital Higher Education of the State of Brandenburg from July-December 2020.