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Familie Viadrina“ (“The Viadrina Family”) is not only the title of a Photo Project by students about their Viadrina – it is also everyday reality at the European University Viadrina. Ever more students start a family during their studies. The number of students who have applied for a sabbatical semester for maternity or new parent leave has tripled within ten years.

The Viadrina has adjusted accordingly and undertaken an audit with a view to making it easier to combine studies and family. It was awarded in 2009 the certificate “Family Friendly University”.

Two Family Representatives have been in office since 2008, as contact persons for students and employees with children. They work at more family-friendly policy and practice in all areas: the university library, canteen and student halls of residence are equipped with toys and play areas, a quiet room / nursing room; a parent-child room is planned; furthermore, child care in emergency situations makes the everyday life of employees and students easier.

Further information can be obtained from the Family Representatives
Alena Karaschinski & Karin Höhne
Tel: +49 (0)335 - 5534 - 4221