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Konferenzen & Tagungen 2019 I vergangene Konferenzen und Tagungen

Konferenzen & Tagungen 2019

17. – 20. Januar 2018

„Languages in Higher Education in Europe: Re-Defining the Teacher“

11th Wulkow Meeting of Directors of Language Centres in Higher Education in Europe

During the last years, language teachers in higher education have witnessed substantial changes in learner biographies, learner needs and learner expectations. No longer can we rely on the fact that the majority learners have grown up monolingually and have acquired their second and third languages in secondary education. Above all, the internationalization of European universities has brought new target groups, who sometimes present intercultural challenges when the definition of teacher roles and expectations regarding methodologies clash. With the integration of languages into the overall curriculum of universities, to survey and analyze those changes have become of utmost importance for teachers, curriculum designers, materials developers and not the least directors of language centres.
During our meeting we will try to stock-take learner characteristics across countries and will look at current learner needs. We will then look at the consequences for the role of the language teacher in higher education. More information.

viadrina sprachen GmbH Frankfurt (Oder), Logenstraße 9-10, 15230 Frankfurt (Oder)
Parkhotel Schloss Wulkow, Hauptstraße 24, 15320 Wulkow bei Neuhardenberg

8.-10. Oktober 2020

„Doing Borders – doing Orders“(Arbeitstitel)

6. Jahrestagung der Kulturwissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft

Veranstalter: Sektion Kulturwissenschaftliche Border Studies (Prof. Dr. Konstanze Jungbluth)

Ort: Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)

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