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IDA – Initiative Deutschunterricht für AsylbewerberInnen (Initiative German language lessons for asylum seekers)

Since 2013 students voluntarily teach German language in centres for asylum seekers in Frankfurt (Oder) or Eisenhüttenstadt. They receive support from the Language Centre of the European University Viadrina.
The initiative is always looking for new members that are interested in teaching – no matter if students, members of staff of the Viadrina or else.


Network „Refugee Support FFO“

Since 2015 the network "Refugee Support FFO" meets for networking of initiatives for refugees within the Viadrina and consists of students and members of staff of the European University and some external guests. General topics are: teaching and research, language lessons and leisure activities for and with refugees as well as counselling for refugees.
The network has a mailing list for information about the projects of the individual groups.


Developing Business Cases - Foreign Founders and Regional Enterprises

The seminar additional "Foreign Founders" was a pilot project of the summer term 2016. Refugees develop their business ideas together with business and culture students. At the end of the semester, they will have a business plan to proceed further with their business. Next Occurence: Summer Term 2017



Angehört was founded in April 2014 with the goal to bring information and contacts into the refugee shelters in Berlin and Brandenburg. We visit the reception centers on a weekly basis and explain to the asylum seekers the German asylum process, clarify the hearing, answer questions, and connect the people to other organizations and lawyers with whom students work closely.; Homepage:


Female Refugees@Viadrina

The project FemaleRefugees@Viadrina targets female refugees and the initiatives in Frankfurt (Oder) that are working with women refugees and wish to cooperate with the European-University Viadrina. We wish to bring the academic offerings and services for refugees at Viadrina to the attention of female refugees and hence increase their participation. Furthermore, we offer consultation and support to refugee women who are interested in university studies. We will assist you with the organization of childcare.