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Preparatory Course for International Students

From 2nd of September to 9th of October 2019 the Language Centre and the three Faculties of the European University Viadrina are organizing a preparatory course for foreign first-year students and exchange students.

Offer for foreign first-year students:

Along with courses for students of all faculties, we offer special modules which focus on preparing students for taking up a program at the Law Faculty, the Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences and the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.

General courses include: preparation for the German language exam DSH and an introduction to scientific communication.

The preparatory course consists of various modules, each of which can be attended depending on one's interest and need. Thus you can create your own program combining one or more modules.

The prep-course is a supplemental offer of the Viadrina, which exceeds the regular university seminars. Hence the course includes fees.

Please note: All courses are conducted in German.

Offer for exchange students:

For exchange students we offer intensive language courses for German, taking place from 3rd to 29th of September 2019. The courses are organized in cooperation with viadrina sprachen gmbh.