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New Students

We are pleased that you have decided to study at European-University Viadrina and would like to welcome you to Frankfurt (Oder). On the following pages you will find all relevant information for the start of your program.

We wish you a good start in your studies!

International Affairs
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We are delighted that you are coming to study with us at the Viadrina European University!

Whether you are planning to become a full time degree seeking student (bachelor or masters) or attend Viadrina as an exchange student, you can rely on us, the Department of International Affairs and Student Support, to make you feel at home in our highly international University. >>>more

Advisory services and contact persons
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Here you can find information concerning your contact persons and advisory services of different divisions.

You will find the list here soon.

Wi-fi, email and copy
15_Kommunikation_web_180x160px ©Heide Fest The Center of Information, Communication and Multimedia provides different IT-Services for all Viadrina students. >>>more

Application and enrolment
01_Immatrikulation & Einschreibung__web_180x160px ©Heide Fest Here you can find all information for your application and your enrolment. >>>more

Preparatory course
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Along with courses for students of all faculties, we offer special modules which focus on preparing students for taking up a program at the Law Faculty, the Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences and the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.

General courses include: preparation for the German language exam DSH and an introduction to scientific communication. >>>more

Orientation week
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How are the studies structured? Which session should I attend? When do the exams take place? In the orientation week you will get the schedule for your studies and all relevant information for your start. >>>more

Language learning
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Here you will find general information on our language programme, including:

  • the structure of the language programme;
  • the courses and exams you can or need to take;
  • having study periods abroad / examinations accredited;
  • ECTS points. >>>more

Fees and finance
16_Finanzierung_web_180x160px ©Heide Fest Here you can find information concerning costs, scholarships and earning money. >>>more

Health insurance
02_Versicherung__web_180x160px ©Heide Fest To enroll at a German university you must have valid health insurance policy, which complies with the German law! You have to submit the insurance certificate together with the documents for the enrollment (= matriculation) to the university! >>>more

17_Wohnen_web_180x160px ©Heide Fest Most students live in modern student residences on both sides of the river Oder in Frankfurt or Słubice. The student residences are distributed all over the cities. Here you find some basic information of the residences. >>>more

Municipal welcome money
12_Begrüßungsgeld_web_180x160px ©Stadt Frankfurt (Oder)

The city Frankfurt (Oder) wants to welcome new students of the European University Viadrina! All Viadrina students who decide to become a new inhabitant of Frankfurt get their semester fees reimbursed once. >>>more

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