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Orientation Week

Digital Orientation Week from 6th until 9th April 2021

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Welcome dear first-year students!

We have been collecting a large number of documents, video messages, PowerPoint presentations and other useful resources that can help you get started with your studies. We have put all of these together for you on the Moodle e-Learning platform. As part of the digital Orientation Week you will have a chance to familiarize yourself with this information from 6th until 9th April 2021. Especially in the live streams (t.b.a) you will get important information for your studies.

Should any questions arise or any problems remain unsolved, please make use of our Open Consultation Day on Thursday, 8th April 2021. On this day we will be available from 10am to 2pm.

Furthermore, we have assembled a checklist for starting out (in German).

We wish you lots of fun with the provided materials and a successful start of your studies!


On the e-Learning platform Moodle you will find all the information you need to start your studies.

How to use Moodle

Digital Live Programm

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Open Consultation Day

On 8th October 10am-2pm you will be able to ask all your unanswered questions.

Study Schedule Consultation

Placement Test regarding Languages

Students who wish to register for language course must first take a placement test before they can register, to find their level, unless they have never learned the language at all (= complete beginniners). Registration is required for the placement test.


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