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Orientation Week

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April 3-6, 2018  Campus European University Viadrina

What is the structure of my program? Which seminars should I choose? When do the exams take place? During Orientation Week you will receive all the important information you need for a successful start at European University Viadrina.

In addition to an introduction that is directly related to your program you will get to know our Campus Management System and the e-learning platform Moodle. Also, we will inform you about a variety of topics like studying with a child, studying with special needs, using the library, studying abroad and financing your studies. Places on the language training courses are assigned in Orientation Week as well.

Above all, Orientation Week will be a great opportunity to meet other students and explore Frankfurt (Oder)/ Słubice.

We strongly recommend you participate in Orientation Week to get off to a good start with your studies.

Please choose your program:

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