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Studying part-time

Students of Viadrina have the opportunity to apply for part-time study. The following conditions apply:

  • Part-time study must be requested for at least two semesters.
  • As a rule, at most 30 ECTS credits may be earned in these two semesters, or half of the coursework required for the course plan should be provided for non-modularized degree programs.
  • If these limits are exceeded, students will fall back into full-time studies with retroactive effect. In this case, a renewed application with unchanged justification is generally no longer possible.
  • Each semester within the part-time study program is counted as half a semester, so two part-time semesters make up a semester.


Reasons for a part-time study

Part-time study is possible if, for personal reasons, students are unable to complete full-time studies.

Personal reasons are in particular

  • Caring for a child
  • Care/support of a close relative
  • Disability or chronic illness
  • Employment with at least 15 working hours per week

Other personal reasons may be recognized on a case-by-case basis and must be substantiated by appropriate evidence of the application.


  • The application is possible until the end of the re-registration deadline (registration deadline for first semester) at the Matriculation Office.
  • A proof of personal reasons is required.
  • A multiple application is possible, but requires a study progress.

In addition, the following study programs require the conclusion of a binding study course agreement (Studienverlaufsvereinbarung) with the examination board:

  • German and Polish Law/Bachelor
  • German and Polish Law/Master
  • European Economic Law (from PO 2019 on)
  • Double- and Triple-Degree

For all other programs, a study course agreement (Studienverlaufsvereinbarung) is not required.

Please note that

  • Part-time students have the same status as full-time students and have to pay the full semester fee.
  • A BAföG grant and a part-time study exclude each other.
  • In the state examination course of the law faculty in the calculation of the semesters for the use of the free attempt regulation (Freiversuchsregelung) (§ 13 BbgJAO) the part-time semesters are counted as full semesters, the part-time study is consequently not considered here.

In the programs Magister of Law, German and Polish Law, in continuing Master's programs and in courses with multiple degrees, exemptions apply, which you should consult with the Academic Advisory Service (Studienfachberatung).