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In order to continue your studies the following semester, you need to pay the semester fee.

The re-registration period are approximately the last 5 lecture weeks of the semester. Here you can check the exact term dates.

Please transfer the semester fee to the following bank account:

Recipient: Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)
IBAN: DE27 1705 5050 3600 3655 91
Reference: please enter only your university registration number (Matrikelnummer)

As soon as the total amount of the semester fee has been credited to our account (and could be matched successfully to your viaCampus account) and all other requirements have been met (i.e. there is not locking reason), you will get re-registered automatically.

We can only accept payments to this account and within the re-registration period.

If you miss the deadline for re-registration, an additional late fee of 15,00 €, at the moment, must be paid. If no re-registration takes place, the exmatriculation will get initiated.

From the semester ticket exempted are

  • guest students and occasional students
  • students in part-time studies and in online courses
  • severely disabled people who are entitled to advancement according to the Disabled Persons Act and who are in possession of a certificate (Beiblatt) with the appropriate token stamps

From the re-registration fee exempted are

  • students who are on leave from their courses because of:
    - illness
    - caring responsibilities for children or close relatives according to Home Care Leave Act
    - parental leave
    - compulsory military service or national forms of civil service
  • foreign guest students studying at Viadrina as part of an exchange program
  • foreign students who receive a scholarship that is wholly or partially funded by the federal government or a state government
  • students, who are matriculated at other Universities in Brandenburg or Berlin and have already paid their fee there

After you have re-registered, please update the validity period on your card at one of our validation stations. There is one in the waiting area of the Admissions and Examination Office (Immatrikulations- und Prüfungsamt) in the Audimax building and another in the Gräfin Dönhoff Building (ground floor, left, below the screen).