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Leave of Absence

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Students can be granted leave on application if there is good reason and proper studying is not possible. The application must be submitted to the Matriculation Office within the specified deadlines. In justified cases, leave of absence is also permitted outside the deadlines.

The leave is only for one semester. It can be extended for another semester if the reason for leave remains.

The application must be accompanied by appropriate evidence, which also includes the duration of the stated leave reason. Leave can only be granted if at least half of the lecture period is affected. A withdrawal of the leave is possible at any time, even if the semester has already expired.

A leave of absence for the first semester is not permitted.

Further information can be found directly on the form "Application for Leave".

Special information about leave of absence due to parental leave

Mothers and fathers are entitled to parental leave until the child is 3 years old. A part of up to twelve months of the maximum three-year parental leave can also be transferred to the time up to the child's 8th birthday.

A claim to parental leave exists if the child lives with the applicant in the same household and is mainly cared for and educated by him or her.

Parental leave can also be claimed by both parents at the same time. However, parental leave is limited to a maximum of three years for each child.

Further information by the Family Affairs Office