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Social and Student Body Contribution

All students pay the social contribution for the Studentenwerk and the Studierendenschaftsbeitrag for the use of the social facilities and for the membership of the student body per semester.


Studentenwerksbeitrag (student union fee):
At each university, there is a Studentenwerk, which maintains social institutions such as the canteen and student housing.

The contribution to be paid to the Studentenwerk every semester is subject to the principle of solidarity. The contribution has to be made - regardless of whether the student is on-site for the entire semester (lecture and lecture-free time) or not. The contribution is therefore comparatively small, since the solidarity community of all students financially supports the provision of the opportunity to use the services - regardless of whether and to what extent the individual student actually uses them.
A partial monthly exemption does not exist. Exemptions from contributions are handled very restrictively in this solidarity model, so that they do not lead to a reduction of the solidarity community and the amount of the student contribution can be kept stable. Regulations relating to this are contained in the contribution regulations of the Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder), which have found their approval by Administrative Council, which includes several students from different universities.
The social thought and solidarity with socially supportive members of the solidarity community are in the foreground, not the performance justice in individual cases!


Studierendenschaftsbeitrag (student body contribution):
By enrolling you become a member of the student body and pay a small contribution. The student body is in a position to exercise a variety of higher education policy rights as well as social and cultural tasks through its elected bodies (eg the AStA) (job placement, carpool ...)