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Guest, Visiting and Junior Students

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Immatriculation Regulation

Guest Auditors

Interested persons who wish to attend individual courses can, upon request, be admitted as guest students within the structure of existing study opportunities.
Guest students are not allowed to take exams, they can only receive a certificate of participation in courses.
Guest auditors do not get a uni-internal account to use Moodle and other university-internal systems. If such an account is required, we ask you to request it via the Matriculation office.
Proof of university entrance qualification (Abitur) is not required.

The guest student program is chargeable.

For courses in the field of foreign language training, unfortunately, only limited guest seats are available. For more information please contact our Language Center.

Visitig Students

Registered students from other universities may, upon application, be admitted as students with the right to attend courses and to take examinations accompanying studies.


Required Documents

Junior Students

Pupils who have special talents following a consensual assessment of school and university can enroll as junior students outside the matriculation procedure.