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The Chip Card as Student ID Card

Every student receives shortly after their enrollment a personalized student ID card in form of a chip card.

This card gets issued once.

While your personal data (first name, last name, matriculation number, library number and library barcode, photo) has been permanently printed on the front of the card, the validity period is on a transparent foil that can be printed and deleted several times. On this foil, the validity period will be updated after every re-registration when using one of the validation stations. This visually shows that you are an enrolled student of the European University Viadrina.

On the chip of the chip card, apart from your matriculation number, no personal data is stored.


The chip card is also your user card for the university library. For this purpose, the barcode, which includes your matriculation number, was specially applied on the front. The loan process only accesses this barcode but not the chip.

You can also use the chip card to copy, print and scan. However, you must first charge the chip at one of the charging stations in the Gräfin-Dönhoff building or in the main building with money.

The chip card is also the semester ticket.
With the semester ticket public transport in the transport network Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) can be used. For this, however, it is necessary that the semester ticket is included on the chip card. Please check the imprint for readability in good time before departure.


Independently and within the opening hours of the university buildings, you can update the validation of your chip card at any time at one of the validation stations.

One validation station each is located

  • in the waiting area of the Department of Student Affairs in the Auditorium-maximum building (to the right under the screen) and
  • in the Gräfin-Dönhoff building (in the atrium, to the left under the screen)
  • in the Main building (to the right of the main staircase).

In the Gräfin-Dönhoff building and in the entrance area of the main building you will also find the charging stations, where you can top up money onto the chip card in order to use the copying machines or to pay in the canteen (mensa).

  • Handle the chip card with the same care as you do with your credit or debit card.

  • The rewritable strip on the chip card is very sensitive. Protect the card if possible with a transparent hard plastic cover.

  • The card must not be bent, pierced or pasted. Also, excessive heat (microwave) and heavy mechanical stress (washing machine) should be avoided.

  • The loss of the chip card must be announced immediately in the Matriculation Office and in the University Library in order to avoid misuse of the card by third parties.

  • Check before departure that the semester ticket is printed on the card and is legible. If this is not the case, please update the imprint at a validation station. Any penalties for not having paid the fare can NOT be taken over by the University.

  • If the charging of the chip has failed and the money has still been deducted from your account, please contact the Matriculation Office immediately. Later complaints can not be accepted.

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