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Grant programs and call for applications


Grant Program

DeadlineEligible Recipients

Students from their 1st semester

Starting Grant

Currently inactive

Poland, Romania, Bulgaria


28th of May 2020

Any Country

Grants for students in a Polish-German living community


For students of GPL and Master of Law




Students from their 3rd semester



Merit-Based Grant

28th of May 2020

Any country (see current offers)

Social Grant

28th of May 2020



28th of May 2020

Any country

Media Law Grant

28th of February 2020

German and Eastern European students with a focus on Media Law

PhD students



Travel Grants



Bridging- and degree completion scholarships for PhD students with family responsibilities

Currently inactive


Further Grants for PhD Students

Currently inactive


External Grants



Brandenburg- Grant for thesis work and working students


In cooperation with small to medium businesses

Grant from the city of Heilbronn
for students from Heilbronn

15th of April 2020

Born or have a main residency in the city or attended a school in Heilbronn