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Numerus clausus - the selection process for study candidates

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In each academic year the University decides whether a degree program has a restricted or unrestricted number of places for the first year students.


The selection process for programs with an unrestricted number of places

If a degree program is unrestricted (zulassungsfrei) every candidate is accepted for admission under the condition that she or he has fulfilled the minimal entry requiremet (usually a grade point average). This selection process implies, that in the given admission period an unlimited number of candidates can be accepted for the degree program.


The selection process for programs with a restricted number of places

For degree programs that are restricted (zulassungsbeschränkt or numerus clausus), the selection process of the candidates goes as follows:

  • 80% of the places are assigned to the best candidates (measured by the grades on the secondary school leaving certificate)
  • 20% of the places are assigned to those candidates, who wait the longest (measured by the time elapsed from the point their secondary school leaving certificate was issued)

Please bear in mind, that if you apply with a foreign secondary school leaving certificate (Abitur) for a bachelors degree program at the Viadrina, your documents are to be sent to UNI-ASSIST regardless of the programm being zulassungsfrei or zulassungsbeschränkt.