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Housing and Mobility in Frankfurt (Oder)

Accessible Student Housing in Frankfurt (Oder)

The Association for Student Affairs (Studentenwerk) Frankfurt (Oder) offers accessible rooms in the student dorm "Logenstraße" right on the university campus. The Department of Student Housing of the "Studentenwerk" will assist you with finding a suitable room. It is further possible to equip the rooms according to your requirements.

E-Mail | Phone: +49 335 - 56 50 952, -953

Mobility in Frankfurt (Oder)

Frankfurt (Oder) wants to become a barrier-free city. During the last years several barriers have already been removed, particularly in the area of mobility. All buses have been replaced by modern low-floor buses and the conductors attended additional training on disabilities and mobility. The city council is further concerned with the implementation of barrier-free web design.

In spite of the initial achievements many barriers are still remaining and there is much work to do in order to raise popular attention for issues of accessibility in daily life.

Further information on accessibility in Frankfurt (Oder) is provided by:

Sabine Stuchlick

Commissioner for Gender Equalisation and Disability of the City Council of Frankfurt (Oder)
Marktplatz 1 (in the town hall)

15230 Frankfurt (Oder)
Email | Tel. (03 35) - 552 1340