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Annabelle-Kuhm_190x285 ©Katja Kraft

Annabelle Kuhm

Hi, my name is Annabelle. I'm studying Intercultural Communication Studies and I completed my training in Intercultural PeerTutoring in 2015. After spending the last semester in the city of Lisbon, I'm looking forward to work at the Center for Intercultural Learning.

Candy-Fraedrich_190x285 ©Katja Kraft

Candy Fraedrich

My name is Candy and I am part of the Peer-Tutoring team since winter term. I am studying International Business Administration and I have been taking part in Peer-Tutoring offers since I started university and then decided to become a Peer Tutor. I am now qualified tutor for Learning and Presentation.

Charlotte ©Stefanie Vogler-Lipp

Charlotte Ciesielski

Hello, I'm Charlotte and I'm going to start writing my master thesis now. I'm studying Intercultural Communication Studies, what is well fitting with my key area of PeerTutoring: intercultural competence. I took some two semesters to get a Peer Tutor, so I finished in winter term 2014/15. I'm looking forward to the next semester and I'm keen to see what will happen.


Katharina(Ina)-Ruffer_190x285 ©Katja Kraft

Katharina Ruffer

Hi guys, I’m Ina and I’m studying iBWL in my 3. semester. After taking part in a Peer Tutoring program myself I decided to start working as a Peer Tutor this semester helping new students to organize their learning process.

Laura-Korock_190x285 ©Katja Kraft

Laura Korock

Hello :), My name is Laura and I study IBWL in the third Semester. I have completed the training as a learning and presentation consultant in my second semester and will be a peer tutor for the economists from winter semester 2015/16.

Lena-Martin_190x285 ©Katja Kraft

Lena Martin

Hi, my name is Lena, I study IBWL and I’m in my 3. semester. This summer I finished my training and now I’m working as a WiWi-Tutor while I’m also working with a KuWi seminar. I’m looking forward to work with you in a team!

Maike-Webseite_April 2015 ©Katja Kraft

Maike Timmermann

Hey, my name is Maike and I’m studying the Master of Intercultural Comunication Studies in the fifth semester. In summer 2014 I got to know the ZSFL and PeerTutoring. I really liked the non-hierarchical idea of teaching and learning so I did a training to become peer tutor for academic education. During the training I learned a lot about working in groups and with little or no hierarchies. I really appreciate it now! This is already my third semester as a peer tutor but I switched the focus to learning methods and presentations.

Maria-Webseite_April 2015 ©Katja Kraft

Maria Philipp

I am Maria Philipp, a student of Sociocultural Studies in the third semester. After I finished my Bachelor of Intercultural Social Work I was searching for a master program, which could give me the opportunity to connect my interests in social and cultural subjects. My wish brought me to the Viadrina. Since summer turn 2015 I am working as a Peer Tutor, especially in the Intercultural Workshops or Lunchtime Lessons. My international experience I could collect through my Erasmus semesters in Istanbul. Beside intercultural experiences I also could learn english and turkish during my stay.

 Nico-Webseite_April 2015 ©Katja Kraft
Nicola Meyer

My name is Nico and I started working as a peer tutor for intercultural competence this semester. I major in cultural sciences. Last semester I have been in Thailand for 5 months where I gained intensive knowledge about intercultural communication and different cultural behaviour patterns and traditions. Working as a peer tutor, I am looking forward to the possibility to learn with and from you!

 Viliana-Ilieva_190x285 ©Katja Kraft

Viliana Ilieva

My name is Viliana Ilieva. I am studying german law in 3. semester.  I have done the training for intercultural Peer Tutoring in the summer term 2014. As  Peer Tutoring  I am working since summer semester 2015/2016. At the beginning of my study  I  have participated in two intercultural workshops. The content and the interesting way in which they were taught, have fascinated me. I liked the atmosphere of collaboration and learning  at eye level. I have always  been interested in communication and exchange between different countries and wanted to expand my knowledge. For this reason, I have done the training.  Now I am  looking forward to the workshops that we will organize.

Vivien-Möller_190x285 ©Katja Kraft

Vivien Möller

My name is Vivien and I am studying international business economics in the third semester. In my last semester I finished my PeerTutor training as a lern – and presentation advisor and in this semester I’m going to work as a WIWI – PeerTutor. My main task will be the leading of a law study group, but I will also work with one of the business economics study groups. Besides I’m happy to lead Lunchtime Lessons and Workshops in the following semester.