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Peer Tutoring training program

Viadrina PeerTutoring training program

Peer tutors support their fellow students in learning processes. This collaborative process benefits both the learners and the peer tutors. During their training and work, peer tutors develop skills and key competences from which they profit not only during their own studies but even years beyond their graduation in various contexts of work life (for more information see the Peer Writing Tutor Alumni Research Project.

The training program encompasses four different modules. Upon graduation, peer tutors receive an official certificate that documents the steps taken in the program and is valued in university and work life contexts alike.

  • The first module “collaborative learning: organizing and leading” focuses on basic elements of peer learning and research.
  • The second module “accompanying learning: peer tutoring” offers the possibility for future peer tutors to specialize in a certain field of their choice: writing peer tutor, intercultural peer tutor, peer tutor for learning and presentations, foreign language peer tutor and specialized peer tutor (corresponding to our three faculties)
  • The third module “peer tutoring: practice” gives future peer tutors the opportunity to gain experience through practical of everything they learned.

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Your individual learning process is documented in an e-portfolio which will not only be the basis for your graduation but also allows the active reflection of what you have learnt. You will present this portfolio at your graduation day (fourth module).

We offer a different range of seminars every semester which can be attributed to the modules mentioned above. Currently the Viadrina PeerTutoring training program is only offered in German language. For more detailed information on the modules and registration please visit our German website. Please feel free to contact us on the specific process or questions which seminar can be attributed to which module. You can enter the training program and work as a peer tutor even if your degree course is very short.

Interested? Contact us or visit our office at the August-Bebel-Straße.