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Building intercultural competence –
Basic concepts of intercultural learning

18/04/, 25/04, 02/05., 09/05, 23/05, 06/06/2016, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., room: AM 206
Are you interested in intercultural communication on university campus? Can you imagine acting as a facilitator for intercultural learning yourself? In this seminar students will look into basic theories and concepts of intercultural communication.
We will use and examine intercultural methods, activities and short films to reflect on which skills are needed in order to become an interculturally competent person. Participants will also expand their own learning skills and constantly reflect their (intercultural) learning. The overall goal of the seminar will be to develop a theoretical input concerning relevant intercultural aspects in a university setting. This should be done in small groups and by using the methods of research oriented learning.
Please register here until April 13th, 2016.

Crossing the bridge – Intercultural Training in Slubfurt

23/04/2016, time and location will be announced soon
To cross a bridge is a symbol for building a connection between people or between cultures. We want to cross a real bridge with you and spend our weekend in Slubfurt, a place somewhere between Frankfurt and Słubice. Together we want to explore the space created by these two towns. We will not only discover similarities and differences of Polish and German culture and reflect our own learning cultures, but also try out our language skills and enjoy Polish and German food. Let‘s discuss whether cultures can be separated from each other just because someone has set a border. Dinner and breakfast are included, accommodation fee (about 15€) is required

The Term Paper in German Academic Context

24/05/2016, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., room: GD 07 (No registration needed)
Writing in a foreign language may be like eating unknown food – with unknown spices, different herbs and strange ingredients. In this lunchtime lesson we will talk about academic writing at a German university in general and will specifically discuss the core elements of a term paper in the German academic context. 

Intercultural Life

10/06/2016, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., room: AM 202
Nowadays, cross cultural communication is all around us. At university, at work or in private life we benefit from different competences and world views of people. At the same time we also have to deal with intercultural differences or misunderstandings. How do these misunderstandings arise, though? Are there any ways to avoid them? In this workshop we want to enable you to reflect your own culture, to learn about concepts of intercultural communication and to improve your communication with your fellow students from all around the world.

Presentations and
Exam preparation

The ability to learn efficiently und to present your knowledge is a key competence for your studies and eventually your working life. We offer you opportunities to learn techniques to improve your learning and presentation abilities. Start learning now and profit from the learning enviroment that the university has to offer.

Program [currently german only]

foreign languages 

Foreign languages open up whole new worlds. If you can speak them. Knowing foreign languages will allow you to immerse in a different culture and open up experiences you might otherwise miss. Language skills do not only look good in your résumé but you will profit from them in many ways.

Program [currently german only]


Studying abroad or doing an internship in a foreign country? Or maybe you are a foreign student? Intercultural exchange happens in day to day life. Intercultural training can help you to understand cultural differences better and to see through common stereotypes and missunderstandings.

Program [currently german only]


Scientific writing can be a daunting task but fortunatly scientific writing can be learned. Analysing the process of writing and breaking it down into several steps is a productive way of approaching your own writing. Learn different techniques of reading, writing and citation and take your writing to the next level.

Program [currently german only]