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angebote_schneidersitz_mit_armen_hp ©Sebastian Schönbeck
Poster_SPN ©Prof. Dr. Makowicz

On the first Thursday of March each year we invite you to an evening organized by the writing centre called Lange Nacht der aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten (Long Night Against Procrastination). Here students can work on their writing projects in a relaxed atmosphere. Throughout the night the participants are being supported by peer tutors in writing. Writers can ask questions about each phase of the writing process. Also the night offers the possibility to exchange experiences with other writers and to keep each other motivated. Come by, meet other writers, start (and maybe finish the first draft of your writing project) and participate in one of the many activities that help you get through the night. 

Beginning to write may sometimes be difficult. Everyone knows that working together with other people makes a lot more fun than working alone at home. Therefore, we invite you all to participate in Schreibmarathon. For the Schreibmarathon you commit to write a certain amount of text surrounded by other writers with whom you can exchange your ideas and ask questions. The date for the next Schreibmarathon will be announced here. If you want to sign up or get more information write to