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The Center for Intercultural Learning (CIL)

The Center for Intercultural Learning is a decentralized institution and cooperates internally both with faculties and the Writing Center as well as the Center for key competences and research-oriented learning. We see ourselves as a skill center and part of a network, which transfers knowledge and communicates actively with other universities and institutions by attending conferences, trainings and common projects.

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  • Intercultural training
  • Seminars for the Faculty of Social and Cultural Science (BA/MA)
  • Acquisition of intercultural competences at institutions of higher education
  • Educational programs in the field of intercultural learning and communication for students and teachers
  • Practice-oriented seminars for all faculties
  • Communication within institutions of higher education considering the influence of internationalization and diversity
  • PeerTutoring Educational Program, guidance and peer counseling conducted by intercultural peer tutors
  • Innovative learning formats, for example, business simulation games, international online lecture series, virtual classroom seminars, peer learning
  • Teaching and studying in the international context