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The Center for Intercultural Learning (CIL)

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As one of Germany's most international universities the European University Viadrina is especially interested in promoting and researching intercultural learning. The Center for Intercultural Learning is dedicated to this task and to the following topics:
CIL currently working on (or preparing) the following:

  • on April 4, 2020 (Einführungswoche): Virtual Chat and Gossipping with the intercultural peer tutors
  • frequently (appointments on demand): Offenes Ohr Online - We listen to you - for all incoming students
  • from April 20, 2020: "Interkulturelle Kompetenzen fördern" - Online-Seminar for all Viadrina students (in German language)
  • in May, 2020: Grenzüberschreitungen - Crossing Borders (dt./eng.) Workshop for Viadrina students in cooperation with economic university of Bratislava, the German Academic Exchange Service and ifa-Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen
  • from June, 2020: "Alles, was ich als IK-Peer-Tutor*in können muss" - Online-Seminar for all Viadrina students (in German language)
  • Which interactive tools and methods can we apply in intercultural webinars? (coming soon)
  • Student Stories and Stories of Resilience (coming soon)
  • Intercultural training
  • Seminars for the Faculty of Social and Cultural Science (BA/MA)
  • Acquisition of intercultural competences at institutions of higher education
  • Educational programs in the field of intercultural learning and communication for all groups at the university
  • Practice-oriented seminars for all faculties
  • Communication within institutions of higher education considering the influence of internationalization and diversity
  • PeerTutoring Educational Program, guidance and peer counseling conducted by intercultural peer tutors
  • Innovative learning formats, for example, business simulation games, international online lecture series, virtual classroom seminars, peer learning
  • Teaching and studying in the international context