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Peer tutors

Anastasiia Gusieva ©Katja Kraft

Anastasiia Gussiewa

Hi, my name is Anastasiia and since 2014 I study MAKS. In winter semester 2015/16 I did the trainig of peer tutoring programm and for winter semster 2016/17 I am part of the peer tutoring team. 

Joanna Malarz ©Katja Kraft

Joanna Malarz

Hello. My name is Joanna and I’m studying Languages, Communication and Cultures in Europe. In this semester I hope to start writing my master thesis. I’m very glad that I could attend the peer-tutoring courses, which were very diverse, effective and professional prepared. Now I am starting to work as a peer tutor for intercultural competence and I hope both: to give you as much as possible of my experience and knowledge as well as to learn new things from you. I hope you will enjoy my courses.

Pauline ©Katja Kraft

Pauline Dreibholz

My name is Pauline Dreibholz and I study International Business Administration (IBWL) since 2015. I took part in the training program for Intercultural Peer Tutoring during the winter semester 2016/17.

Now I am looking forward to start working in the team and to exchange experiences from this spring on.

Tezdzhan Miermeister ©Katja Kraft

Tezdzhan Miermeister

My name is Tezdzhan Miermeister which means "fast soul". Because of prononciation problems most of my frieds just call me Teyzi. I study german law in fifth semester. From winter semester 2016/17 on I am part of the peer tutoring team.

Viliana Ileva ©Katja Kraft

Viliana Ilieva

My name is Viliana Ilieva. I am studying german law in 5th semester.  I have done the training for intercultural Peer Tutoring in the summer term 2014. As  Peer Tutoring  I am working since summer semester 2015/2016. At the beginning of my study  I  have participated in two intercultural workshops. The content and the interesting way in which they were taught, have fascinated me. I liked the atmosphere of collaboration and learning  at eye level. I have always  been interested in communication and exchange between different countries and wanted to expand my knowledge. For this reason, I have done the training.  Now I am  looking forward to the workshops that we will organize.