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The Center for Intercultural Learning (CIL)

Peer tutors

Lisa Voss ©Katja Kraft


I'm Lisa and I'm in my 8th semester of cultural studies in my bachelor's degree with a specialization in social sciences and linguistics. In the winter semester 2017/2018 I finished the training as an intercultural peer tutor and fortunately I got the opportunity to work as a tutor at the Center for Intercultural Learning afterwards. I spent the last year in Lisbon and I’m back with freshly gained impressions as a peer tutor. I’m very much looking forward to the varied and exciting work as a peer tutor, to the intercultural exchange and to the new challenges that this semester will bring.

Sophie Gehring ©Johannes Wurdinger


I’ve been working at the Center for Intercultural Learning since the winter term of 2018/19. The topics often intersects with topics of my Bachelor study program (social and cultural studies) and of course real life which to me only shows how relevant they are.

I enjoy this very varied activity because every group of participants and therefore every workshop is unique and we (still) always learn from them. And one can always strive to get to know even more methods or create some of one’s own.

leonie-stahlhut ©Leonie Stahlhut Leonie

Hi, I'm Leonie. In addition to my studies in cultural studies, I completed my peer tutoring training in the winter semester 2019/ 20 and am now looking forward to a good cooperation with you and my team at the Center for Intercultural Learning. Intercultural competence is an important key qualification to better understand one's own and other cultures and to sensitize oneself to them. I am looking forward to a common cultural exchange and creative ideas, as well as to new perspectives in the interactive workshops with you.