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Niki Kasis ©Johannes Wurdinger


While starting the Master program in Sociocultural Studies (MASS) I entered the Peer Tutoring Training program in Intercultural Competences and since the winter term 2018/19 I am working in this field at Viadrina.
The topics and methods of Intercultural Competence have been intriguing me already for a long time and in various contexts, including my family, my profession and my voluntary work.

Sophia Marofke ©Katja Kraft



Sophie Gehring ©Johannes Wurdinger


I’ve been working at the Center for Intercultural Learning since the winter term of 2018/19. The topics often intersects with topics of my Bachelor study program (social and cultural studies) and of course real life which to me only shows how relevant they are.

I enjoy this very varied activity because every group of participants and therefore every workshop is unique and we (still) always learn from them. And one can always strive to get to know even more methods or create some of one’s own.

Luisa Rehberg ©Katja Kraft


My name is Luisa and I study cultural sciences in my third semester. The reason why I came to Viadrina was, amongst others, the opportunity of becoming a cultural trainee, so that I could work within this field at university. What I like the most about this job is the interaction between students from all different parts of the world. In this special kind of international and intercultural environment, it is not just that I am in the position to teach about culture, what it is or what it does, that affects me, but that I can always learn something new about culture by one another through interaction.