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Peer tutors

Anastasiia Gussiewa ©Katja Kraft

Anastasiia Gussiewa

Hi, my name is Anastasiia and since 2014 I study MAKS. In winter semester 2015/16 I did the trainig of peer tutoring programm and for winter semster 2016/17 I am part of the peer tutoring team. 

Annabelle Kuhm ©Katja Kraft

Annabelle Kuhm

Hi, my name is Annabelle. I'm studying Intercultural Communication Studies and I completed my training in Intercultural PeerTutoring in 2015. After spending the last semester in the city of Lisbon, I'm looking forward to work at the Center for Intercultural Learning.

Joanna Malarz ©Katja Kraft

Joanna Malarz

Hello. My name is Joanna and I’m studying Languages, Communication and Cultures in Europe. In this semester I hope to start writing my master thesis. I’m very glad that I could attend the peer-tutoring courses, which were very diverse, effective and professional prepared. Now I am starting to work as a peer tutor for intercultural competence and I hope both: to give you as much as possible of my experience and knowledge as well as to learn new things from you. I hope you will enjoy my courses.

Tezdzhan Miermeister ©Katja Kraft

Tezdzhan Miermeister

My name is Tezdzhan Miermeister which means "fast soul". Because of prononciation problems most of my frieds just call me Teyzi. I study german law in fifth semester. From winter semester 2016/17 on I am part of the peer tutoring team.

Viliana Ileva ©Katja Kraft

Viliana Ilieva

My name is Viliana Ilieva. I am studying german law in 5th semester.  I have done the training for intercultural Peer Tutoring in the summer term 2014. As  Peer Tutoring  I am working since summer semester 2015/2016. At the beginning of my study  I  have participated in two intercultural workshops. The content and the interesting way in which they were taught, have fascinated me. I liked the atmosphere of collaboration and learning  at eye level. I have always  been interested in communication and exchange between different countries and wanted to expand my knowledge. For this reason, I have done the training.  Now I am  looking forward to the workshops that we will organize.