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Offers in English

  • Workshop

During our workshops we offer to learn new things, to try out different principles of interaction and to intensively exchange ideas.

  • Learning@Viadrina: Learn, learn again, learn better? A workshop for international students • 23.11.2018 • 10:00 - 18:00 Uhr • t.b.a

  • Same but different? Values, stereotypes and perception in a globalized society • 25.01.2019 • 10:00 - 17:00 Uhr • t.b.a

More information about the workshops you can find here: Event Manager

  • Intercultural team work and competition - Cooperate and win for Viadrina! • 15.12 / 16.12.2018 • 10:00 - 18:00 Uhr • Location: Lebus

I am from….” I study…..” As a new international student you have to manage a lot of challenges, work and possibly live together with unknown persons – and to get to know new people. What about doing this together with a lot of other internationals? Ready to exchange your minds and find unknown horizons? You will participate in an international team competition, be divided in mixed teams and perform different tasks together. The main goal is to get to know other cultures and perspectives, to cooperate and to win. In the evening we will cook together and you will have the possibility to perform a song or a dance, so that we will "travel" together to your home countries by using all of our senses. There will be a special price for the winning team! You will have fun and improve your teamwork skills! What are you waiting for?

Fee: 20€ (to be paid with registration; meals and accommodation included!)

Deadline for registration: 12.12.2018

Registration in: LH 211 Mon –Thu, 8am –15pm

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  • Consultation for Viadrina Incoming Stundents

All new to you? We can help you with living and learning at a German university.


  • Seminars

We also offer English seminars. Further information you can find here...