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Competence Center for Digital Learning & Teaching

About us

The Competence Center for digital Learning & Teaching (KL²D) is responsible for all questions and concerns regarding learning, presenting, and e-learning at the university. Our offers are directed at students as well as teachers - always with the aim of strengthening and further expanding the study-centered teaching and learning culture.

We offer:
  • Support for students when it comes to preparing for an exam or creating a presentation
  • Trained learning & presentation consultants accompany professional seminars, in which presentations or group works have to be performed as an examination
  • Research on learning processes, usage of digital media in teaching and competence development at universities
  • Certified trainings for learning & presentation consultants, and e-learning consultants
  • Reference for all questions dealing with learning, presentation and e-learning


The KL²D is part of the Center for Key Competencies and Research-Oriented Learning (ZSFL) and was established in 2014.
The central program of the center is Viadrina PeerTutoring: Students that are trained peer-tutors support their fellow students in their learning processes in writing, learning, presenting, e-learning, learning foreign languages and intercultural learning.

You can also contact as via e-mail (