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Application and Admission

At European University Viadrina, admission to most undergraduate programmes is restricted. Admission is granted in a selction procedure on the basis of average grades and previous terms of waiting. Further information on the admission procedure and deadlines can be found here.


Hardship Application

To ensure equal chances for all applicants, up to two per cent of the admissions can be assigned to students in hardship. Applicants with a disability or chronic disease can make use of a hardship application in order to get admission to the desired study programme immediately in order to avoid terms of waiting if this is unreasonable due to medical conditions, e.g. in case of progressive illnesses or favourable job opportunities. The informal hardship application should be attached to the letter of application. Further, a medical opinion is required to substantiate your claim.


Application for disability/illness compensation

In the admission process, by applying for disability/illness compensation you can obtain an improvement of your average grade or a reduction of terms of waiting. Please attach the informal application for disability/illness compensation to your letter of application. Like the hardship application, further documents are required for disability/illness compensation, e.g. a medical opinion.

For further information, please contact the student advisory service for the disabled or the admission office.