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PLEASE NOTE: Currently, we are not providing the complete PeerTutoring training cycle. New offers and updated information will follow soon. If you are interested in the training or in finishing any of the modules, please contact us via

The Center for key competences and research-oriented learning offers students a “peer-tutoring” training program. During the course of the training, students will learn how to professionally accompany and support fellow students learning processes and how to manage peer-facilitated learning groups. The program encompasses  training in writing and foreign language methodology, intercultural competence, general key competences and individual specialized methodology.

Peer-learning outs emphasis on a positive learning atmosphere with peer tutors and learners on eye level. The peer tutor facilitates the learning and reflection process while all participants contribute to the group with their knowledge, experience and learning methodology. A positive learning environment actively fosters self-reliant and independent working and the exploration of out of the box thinking.

  • Writing Tutors support learners in developing an efficient and expressive style of writing and becoming confident writers.
  • Intercultural Tutors support learning processes in intercultural settings for example with foreign or exchange students.
  • Language Tutors support students in the process of learning a foreign language.
  • Specialized peer tutors support learning processes specialized in each of the fields of our three faculties at the European University Viadrina.

Do you want to become a peer tutor? Do you want to meet peer tutors to enhance your learning experience at the Viadrina? Contact us:

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