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Corinna Barth ©Katja Kraft

Corinna Barth

Hi, my name is Corinna and I study MKK/MCC (Media-Communication-Culture). This is my 2nd semester at Viadrina. I finished my training to become a PeerTutor in January 2015. At the moment, I am also doing the training to become a language PeerTutor. I will finish the training at the end of summer semester 2015. Since April, I am working as a Peer Tutor at ZSFL, where I mainly organize Lunchtime Lessons and Workshops about learning methods, time management and presentations, as well as accompanying seminars.

Stephanie Barthel ©Katja Kraft

Stephanie Barthel

My name is Stephi and I studied Cultural Studies (B.A.) at the Viadrina. I moved to FFO (ex-commuter) and worked as peer tutor for general key competences. It was a good expirience to live near the university be part of the life here in Slubfurt – without thinking about the train to old home Berlin.

Alina Berezovska ©Katja Kraft

Alina Berezovska

My name is Alina. I studied the Master of Intercultural Communication Studies. I was an intercultural peer tutor at the Center for Intercultural Learning since July 2013. My focus was set on intercultural trainings, especially for the East-European cultural space, also group work and presentation techniques for studying.


 Marie-Therese Geis ©Katja Kraft

Marie-Therese Geis

My name is Marie and I am studying the IBWL Bachelor. Since April 2013 I worked as a Peer Tutor and was responsible for WiWi students. My special interest was exam preparation and intercultural comunication.


Dominika Grodz-Bartoszewicz ©Katja Kraft

Dominika Grodz-Bartoszewicz

Hey, I'm Dominika. I am a master student in European Studies and studied International Business at Viadrina before. Since winter term I'm member of the Peer Tutoring Team and support students with my knowledge especially in core competencies as time and stress management, as well as learning and reading methods. In summerterm 2015 I started focusing on presentation competencies and I am looking forward to learning with you :)

Lisa Keding ©Katja Kraft Lisa Keding
Marina Kern ©Katja Kraft Marina Kern

My name is Marina and I studied Master of Intercultural Communication Studies. From January 2014 on I worked as a peer tutor (with interruption because of an exchange in Vaasa, Finland). My focus in my job was on intercultural workshops and consultation.

Annabelle Kuhm ©Katja Kraft

Annabelle Kuhm

Hi, my name is Annabelle. I'm studying Intercultural Communication Studies and I completed my training in Intercultural PeerTutoring in 2015. After spending the last semester in the city of Lisbon, I'm looking forward to work at the Center for Intercultural Learning.

Lisa Lanken ©Katja Kraft

Lisa-Maria Lanken

My name is Lisa and I studied Cultural studies. During my semesters abroad I started to focus more on Interculturality. Back in Germany  I found out about the intercultural Peer Tutoring program at Viadrina and saw this as a chance to learn more about it. So since october 15 I was an intercultural Peer Tutor. ;)

Franziska Merkel ©Katja Kraft Franziska Merkel
Nico ©Katja Kraft

Nicola Meyer

My name is Nico and I worked as a peer tutor for intercultural competence. I major in cultural sciences. During my university studies I have been in Thailand for 5 months where I gained intensive knowledge about intercultural communication and different cultural behaviour patterns and traditions.

Vivien Möller ©Katja Kraft

Vivien Möller

My name is Vivien and I was studying international business economics in the fifth semester. In my last semester I finished my PeerTutor training as a lern – and presentation advisor and in this semester I’m going to work as a WIWI – PeerTutor. My main task will be the leading of a law study group, but I will also work with one of the business economics study groups. Besides I was happy to lead Lunchtime Lessons and Workshops in the following semester.

Elena Novozhilova ©Katja Kraft Elena Novozhilova
Marie Ostermann ©Katja Kraft Marie Ostermann​

Lara Romboy ©Katja Kraft

Lara Romboy

Hello! My name is Lara Romboy and I am studied Cultural Sciences in the fifth semester with the focuses on Cultural History and Social Science. I did the training for becoming a Learning&Presenting-PeerTutor in the Summer Semester 2016; My focuses here: Everything that is linked to an optimized time management and somehow possible to be organized with the help of (to-do)lists.

Anne Rothärmel ©Katja Kraft

Anne Rothärmel

My name is Anne and I'm studying the Master of Intercultural Communication Studies. I worked as a Peer Tutorin from April 2013 to September 2014 where Iwas responsible for study groups, individual learning guidance and the Einführungstutorium. Currently I'm starting to writing my master thesis about Peer Tutoring in obligatory facilitated learning groups (Einführungstutorien).


Katharina Rust ©Katja Kraft

Katharina Rust

My name is Katharina and i´m studying in the fourth semester MICS (Master of Intercultural Communication Studies(. When I started to study at the Viadrina, I came across with the concept of Peer-Tutoring and decided to take part at the training. As a tutor for the Kuwi-Tutorial, I got the chance to improve my knowledge through the practical experiences. Last Semester I absolved the qualified peer tutoring training for intercultural competences and i´m working now in my third semester in the peer tutoring project at the Viadrina. I focus there on intercultural topics as well as presentation skills.

Anja Salzwedel ©Katja Kraft

Anja Salzwedel

My name is Anja and I study the Master of Intercultural Communication Studies in the 3rd semester. After my training to become a peer tutor, I spent one semester in the Netherlands and now I work as a peer tutor for intercultural competence since April 2015. My focus in on intercultural workshops and trainings. I'm looking forward to plan those and put them into practice with diverse groups of (international) students.

Peter Theisen ©Katja Kraft

Peter Theisen

My name is Peter and I am studying IBWL in my third semester. I finished my formation last semester, specializing in learning and presentation. In the upcoming semester, I will be a tutor for WiWi-and ReWi groups. Furthermore, I will be responsible for the official Facebook page.

Constanze Schroer ©Katja Kraft

Constanze Schroer

Hey guys, my name is Constanze Schroer. I was in my 3rd semester studying IBWL. I completed my training as a coach in the field of studying and presenting at the Viadrina and this semester I worked as a Business-Peertutor.

Maike Tjaden ©Katja Kraft

Maike Tjaden

My name is Maike Tjaden. After my B.A.-studies of Cultural Sciences at the University of Potsdam, the University René Descartes in Paris and at the Viadrina, I completed my M.A. degree in Mediation (conflict management) at the Viadrina. I worked as a Peer Tutor at the Center for Intercultural Learning (ZiL) since the winter semester 2012/2013 to september 2014

For me, Peer Tutoring is a perfect possibility of creating knowledge together - beyond any traditional, i.e. frontal presentations at the university. Within the Peer Tutors´ groups, no `wrong´ questions exist. Rather, we create an open atmosphere and learn collaboratively which each other.

Laura Tönnsen ©Katja Kraft

Laura Tönnsen

Sara Vogelsang ©Katja Kraft

Sara Vogelsang

Gina Wiesweg ©Katja Kraft

Gina Wiesweg