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Student-mentored international WiWi-learning groups

New learning groups for the summer-semester 2014
The new semester starts and we've been learning from the previous one :-) So this time we focus on the study groups rather than the theoretical inputs. 
This means: You can come with your fellow students or alone and find other students to form study groups within our program. We guide you strategically, not with your study material, and give you advise and tipps when necessary (e.g how to make group work efficient) and provide the room for your group meetings.
IBWL, auf deutsch: Dienstag, 11-13 Uhr, AB 307 (Start: 15.04.)
WiR, auf deutsch: Dienstag, 11-13 Uhr, AB 308 (Start: 15.04.)
IBA, Bachelor, in English: Tuesday, 2-4pm, AB 307 (start: 15.04.)
- IBA, Master, in English: first session, Monday, 7 April, 6pm, AM 202 (further sessions will be scheduled together)
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The supervised, international learning groups are offered by the Center for key competences and research-oriented learning. The Peer Tutors have completed the training for “Intercultural Peer Tutors”.