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In the academic year of 2013/2014, the universities of Frankfurt (Oder) and Frankfurt/Main started the first writing fellow programs in Germany. Our partners from the writing center at the university of Madison-Wisconsin/USA, Brad Hughes and Stephanie White, helped us to develop the concept and materials and held the first workshops for faculty and future writing fellows.

In accordance with the writing fellows program at the UW Madison, we believe in the following two principles for the writing fellow programs in Frankfurt and Frankfurt:

• Collaboration among student peers is an especially effective mode of learning.

• All writers, no matter how accomplished, can improve their writing by sharing work in progress and making revisions based upon constructive criticism.

In our writing fellow programs, peer tutors educated in writing, collaboration and effective written and oral peer feedback, work together with faculty in special, writing-intensive classes in different disciplines. Writing fellows first give feedback to the writing tasks faculty design. Afterwards, they support all students in the class. At two points during the semester, they comment students’ drafts and then meet with the students one-to-one to talk about the draft and about next steps for revision. The lecturers get the first draft, the revised draft, the writing fellow’s comments and a reflection from the students. Through this, they can gain better insights into the students’ learning processes.

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