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The Center for Intercultural Learning (CIL)

About CIL

The Center for Intercultural Learning (CIL) was launched as part of the initiative InterViadrina in 2008, which prompted the development of an intercultural competence program for the entire university. For this program the founder of CIL, Dr. Gundula Gwenn Hiller, was honored with the BMW-Award for intercultural learning.

The intercultural competence program, which has been continuously developed, aims to achieve a sensitization of all university members for intercultural matters as well as a better integration of international students.

This corresponds to our principle that intercultural communication, cooperation and integration can only thrive in an interculturally competent and inclusive institution.

The CIL team is furthermore dedicated to intercultural issues in research and teaching as well as to university development. The Center for Intercultural Learning has assumed a pioneering role as an institution that is located at the boundary between research and practice of intercultural learning in an internationalized university context and in the German university setting.

CIL can be understood as an institution that spans various departments thus cooperating with faculty internally as well as with the Writing Center and the Center for Key Competences and Research-oriented Learning. We see ourselves as a competence center and as part of a network that transfers knowledge and interacts closely with other universities and institutions by participating in conferences, training and common projects.