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Quality Initiative Interculturality

In September 2013 the cross-university, interdisciplinary work team „Quality Initiative Interculturality“ began its work within the framework of a constituent workshop in the rooms of the DFH. The initiative aims to support the DFH in its effort to promote intercultural qualification in its network and to privide program administrators as well as students with instruments for the specific development of intercultural competence. Ensuing from the use of terms such as „ interculturality“, intercultural surplus value“, „intercultural competence“ etc. in the context of the DFH, a disambiguation is to take place on the basis of relevant results of the intercultural communication research. In addition, in the DFH network existing experiences and competences in the field of intercultural learning and training in the German–French or trinational degree courses („bonnes pratiques“) will be combined and made available to DFH courses in the form of recommendations and materials so that cooperations can support and assist their students purposefully. This will enable DFH students to deal competently with interculturality and the concepts related to it so that the intercultural surplus value of a DFH course is even more utilizable for entering the labor market.

The following products are to be developed within the project:

  • Recommendations and guidelines for internal and external communication of the DFH as well as for evaluation criteria for successful creation of interculturality
  • Intercultural „boîte à outils“ for program administrators and students (Guidelines for the sensitization for IK differences, as for example, in teaching and learning, considering disciplines)
  • Work materials for intercultural learning, which can be further developed in a dynamic-participatory way in the network of the DFH.

Members of the German –French team are

  • Gundula Gwenn Hiller Hiller (Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt / Oder)
  • Dr. Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink (Universität des Saarlands, Saarbrücken)
  • Dr. Christoph Vatter (Universität des Saarlands, Saarbrücken)
  • Dr. Christian Wagner (Universität des Saarlands, Saarbrücken)
  • Landry Charrier (Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand II)
  • Karin Dietrich Chénel (Université de Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse)
  • Anne-Marie Pailhès (Université Paris X, Nanterre)
  • Florence Duchêne-Lacroix (Université de Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse)

Other program administrators and tutors in DFH courses who are interested in cooperation had been involved in the context of research workshops to survey existing works and materials.

The development and trial of didactic materials was conducted in cooperation with students. In the context of the initiative the research workshop „Intercultural competence in German-French degree courses: didactic concepts, methods, materials/ Les compétences interculturelles dans les cursus franco-allemands: modèles didactiques, méthodes et supports d’enseignement“ took place in Saarbrücken on 24 & 25 February 2014. Further project seminars, which were used to compile didactic materials and film clips, took place during the summer term 2014 at the Saarland University and the EUV.

Another event in the framework of the initiative was the Summer School „ Intercultural competence for GFU courses: Trial and further development of materials“, which took place in Saarbrücken from 8 to 10 October 2014 and saw students from Germany and France actively participate in the advancement of the toolbox.

At a final meeting/concluding meeting in Paris-Nanterre in January 2015, a collection of contributions from the above-mentioned Atelier de Recherche was compiled and is presently being prepared for publishing.