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Online Tutors

What is our goal?

We would like to

  • make the digital semester as pleasant and entertaining as possible for you and us,
  • provide space for interaction, exchange, inspiration and orientation among students.
  • offer opportunities to get to know other students online in a cosy atmosphere outside of lectures, to exchange ideas on different topics or to listen to stories of other students.

Who are we?

Elena Schmid

Hi, my name is Elena. I am studying the Master’s programme Socio-Cultural Studies at European University since April 2020. Since August 2020 I am working as an online tutor at Viadrina. Besides my practical activity as a tutor I am also participating in the Viadrina PeerTutoring training program. As an online tutor I have the chance to combine my theoretical knowledge and my practical activity. I am really looking forward to my time as an online tutor and supporting students with our offers in their everyday university life.

Fabio Mauro

Hey there! My name is Fabio and I study Cultural and Social Sciences here at Viadrina. I spent a semester in Bogotá where I got to know a lot of people and also a different kind of studying. This summer I started working as an E-tutor and since I pursue a career in journalism I am really happy that I can focus on producing podcasts within this project. Looking forward to working in this dynamical team and giving you a voice! #viadrinavoices

Ilinca Barbato

Hey, ich bin Ilinca und werde euch gerne mit der Online-Lehre unterstützen! Ich studiere IBA (Master) und freue mich sehr, alle eure Fragen beantworten zu können, und warum nicht, eure Ideen zu hören und die in konkrete, schöne Projekte umzusetzen!


Linda Seewald

Hi, my name is Linda and I am studying at the Viadrina since 2014. I spent two semesters abroad on Tenerife and in 2019 I finished my Bachelor in Cultural Studies with a focus on Linguistics and Social Sciences. Thanks to the geographical independence of online teaching, I have been studying the Master in Socio-Cultural Studies since the summer semester 2020. I will attend courses in Georgia as well as online at the Viadrina during the coming winter semester. As a tutor, I am now looking forward to helping to shape the online teaching and, above all, additional offers for all students :)

Yaman Halloum

22 years old, IBA bachelor student in my final year. International background. Love to add entertainment and extraordinary factors to our daily lives. Let’s make the best out of our online semester.