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Supervisory group

The supervisory Group is representing the responsible persons for the Viadrina Mentoring on the academic management level. In order to keep the program successful the supervisory group supports the conceptual, operational and evaluational work. The group is also serving as a selection committee within the application process.


Katja Kraft, Central Equal Opportunity Commissioner
Prof. Dr. Martin Eisend, Vice President for Reasearch, Junior Scientist Support and Knowledge Exchange
Bettina Gebhardt, Leader of the Department for Equalty Affairs
Thekla Lange, Leader of the University´s Career Center
Dr. Petra Kuhnau, Leader of the Department for Research and Young Scientists
Janine Nuyken, Vice President of University Development, Equal Opportunities and the Collegium Polonicum
Prof. Dr. Claudia Maria Hofmann, Faculty of Law, Chair of Public Law and European Social Law with main focus on interdisciplinary Social Law Research
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schmid, Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, Chairholder Statistics, Junior scientist Development within the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
Dr. Philipp Zessin-Jurek, Structuring and Internationalisation of the Junior Scientist Development within the Faculty of Cultural Sciences