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Mentoring at the Viadrina

Participating as a mentee

What is the participation at the Viadrina Mentoring offering?
  • Concretising the individual future and career plans
  • Improved competences recognition and expansion of inter-disciplinary key qualifications
  • Strengthening the own efficacy and growth in sovereignty
  • Personal access to knowledge about requirements, implications, structures and processes in the academic system and in relevant fields outside the university
  • Sharpening the own academic profile and development of an academic consciousness as female* junior academic
  • Exchange and networking in the scientific community and further relevant professional fields
  • Sensitization for gender-specific discrimination and gender-typical behaviour

What are the requirements to take part?

The program is directed at (future) female* doctoral candidates of all faculties at the Viadrina, who are looking for professional support and structured exchange regarding their professional career planning:

We are looking for applicants who

  • Are showing engagement and like to take initiative
  • Are interested in constructive feedback
  • Are prepared to actively shape the course of the Mentoring-relationship and the exchange in their peer-group
  • Take part in the whole program and the obligatory evaluation (participants will receive a certificate

Equal opportunities are an important issue to us. The selection committee is considering diverse living conditions such as family responsibilities, chronic diseases or disabilities. Moreover, applications from women with non-academic background, women of colour, women with migration background, queer and trans*women, as well as female* students without a German passport, who are studying regularly at the Viadrina, are explicitly welcome.

When to apply:

Every new cycle starts in October and takes one year. Applications must be submitted until the 31st of July.

If you have any questions regarding the program and participation, feel free to contact us.

Relevant documents

Information: Please first upload the form on your computer, to safe it and fill it out. You can fill it out free of cost with the program Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You can also leave the application at the letterbox of the Career Center (AM, room 138). Otherwise, it is also possible to send the documents via e-mail

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Mentoring für Doktorandinnen*                                                                                                                             

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Child Care

For all events during the program we offer childcare for participants with children. If childcare is needed please let us know in advance. The offer is organised in cooperation with the appointee for the University’s family office.

Counselling and Information

Do you have any questions concerning the course of the program or the application? Feel free to make a personal appointment.