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Mentoring at the Viadrina


Viadrina Mentoring is a proven and effective instrument in the individual promotion of young researches and human resource development, which supports scholars in their unique career planning. The multi-layered elements of the program create space and time to enhance the specifically needed scientific competences and to learn about attractive career options and possibilities for highly qualified women*. Further you support the set-up and expansion of your networks.

The elements are

  • an individual mentoring-relationship with an experiences Professor
  • flexible and targeted qualification offers (Intensive-Workshops and Solo-Coaching) in a small group with the other participating junior professors
  • accompanied by the Program-Management

The Mentoring-Relationship, the Solo-Coaching and the escort of the Program-Management can all be held in English.

The Mentoring-Relationship

The Mentoring-Relationship is usually a One-on-One-Mentoring, which is also called “Mentoring-Tandems”. A Group-Mentoring, consisting of several mentees and one mentor is also possible.

The mentee is not allowed to have a relationship of dependence with their mentor.

The mentors are experiences professors from universities or a non-university-related research facility or institution.

The wish to have an English-speaking mentor will be taken in consideration.

The Mentoring-Relationship starts after a 6 months long introduction period of the program (which contains out of analyses of potential and location and goal setting). The Mentoring-Relationship lasts one year. The way of commination (in the best case personal meeting, accompanied by calls, videoconferences and exchange via email), the frequency of contact and the concrete contents of the relationship will be set up between the mentee and mentor themselves.

Training Program

Part of the training program are Workshops for qualification in academic and occupational matters and individual coaching.


Four intensive-workshops are part of the program.

To partake in the first intensive-workshop is obligatory in matter to participate in the program, to secure a maximal benefit by joining the program.

The three following workshops are also highly beneficial in a purposeful personal process of development. Further the workshops create a space for helpful and enriching exchange in the peer group with the other participants.

The workshops themes are:  role and identity of a junior professor, systematic career planning, self-presentation, self-marketing and positioning and leadership requirements in the scientific community

Individual Coaching

Aside from creating space for development and reflection inside the group, is the offer of demand responsive and individual coaching a very important part of the concept. Mentees who participate get the possibility to work on individual subjects and topics that they feel are important for their professional development. For that we match the mentee with a coach, who is specialised in Human Resource Development in the academic field.

Supporting Programme

Start and end

The program starts with a festive ceremony, which is also the end of the running program-year and the start of all new programs (of different educational degrees).

In the end, there is a mutual meeting for reflexion, in which the next professional steps are laid down.

Meeting of the network

Network meetings create a free atmosphere for mutual exchange and can be optionally organised, when it is a mentees’ wish. Guest lecturers and speakers can be invited to network meetings.