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Gender & Diversity in Research and Teaching

Teaching and Research Focus

Viadrina boasts one of two professorships with (partial) denomination for gender studies in the federal state of Brandenburg: Professur für Deutsch-Polnische Kultur- und Literaturbeziehungen und Gender Studies (engl. Professorship for German-Polish Cultural and Literature Relationships and Gender Studies) at the Faculty for Social and Cultural Sciences.

In 2007 a module with focus on gender has been offered to Master students. The basic objective of the module was to transmit theoretic, methodological concepts for an analysis of gender relations in individual, structural and symbolic terms and to provide an overview of the fundamentals and issues of women and gender studies. In 2013, the module has been redesigned, extended and integrated into Master in Sociocultural Studies as an elective module "Transdisziplinäre Geschlechterstudien und Queer Theory" (engl. Transdisciplinary Gender Studies and Queer Theory). The module is offered by two chairs and is an elective module for all other Master’s programs, it has therefore been implemented in sense of crosscutting competence at the Faculty for Social and Cultural Sciences. The module can also be taken by students of economics and law.

The seminars, lectures and trainings with a gender perspective are offered in undergraduate degree programs of all three faculties. The seminar offerings with references to gender and diversity are compiled and published in the Gender- und Diversity-KVV on our homepage by the beginning of each semester.

For a detailed overview over academic chairs at Viadrina, networks and projects with gender focus, see “Schwerpunkte in Lehre und Forschung an der Viadrina” (Germ. only).

Project ‘Women's Places in Frankfurt (Oder) and in Słubice’

The student project 'FrauenOrte' (lit. Women's Places) aims to (re-)discover and bring attention to women and their role in the shaping of the cities Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice. continue reading

At Viadrina the Women’s Place has been unveiled for Justine Siegemundin (1636-1705), midwife who compiled a comprehensive textbook in midwifery and submitted it to the Medical Faculty at Viadrina for attestation as early as 1689. Her textbook remained a standard work for midwifes until the 19th century. continue reading (Germ. only)