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Fund to support female (junior) scientists with extensive committee responsibilities through a student or research assistant (SHK-Fonds)


In its gender equality and family concept, European University Viadrina has set itself the goal to increase the proportion of women in professorships, junior-professorships, in committees and leadership positions and to implement gender- and diversity-oriented support for young academics. To support these goals, EUV established a fund as a gender equality measure, which allows (junior) scientists with extensive committee work to receive the financial means to hire a student or research assistant.

Within the scope of the available funds and following the application procedure, the employment of a student or research assistant can be granted. Their employment is intended to compensate for multiple workloads and associated extensions or delays in qualification projects or in the own scientific activities of (junior) female scientists, which arise due to extensive committee activities, due to the proportion of women in academic self-administration provided for in the Higher Education Act.


Target group:

The funding is aimed at

• female doctoral and postdoctoral researchers with a scientific connection to the EUV (usually through the academic advisor) or

• female professors and junior-professors from the EUV,


who take on extensive committee responsibilities or functions in the academic self-administration provided for in the basic regulations.


Call for application 2021 | deadline: 08.08.2021
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Viadrina Mentoring for Women

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