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Gender Equality Office of Viadrina

Recruitment & Appointment

In Gender Equality Policy, the Viadrina has set itself a goal to raise awareness for gender and family issues in the appointment procedures. Brandenburg Higher Education Act (BbgHG) holds down that higher education institutes are obliged to promote equality of women and men. More specifically:

  • Viadrina aims to increase the proportion of women in the fields where women are underrepresented
  • the selection procedures shall be laid down, transparent and non-discriminatory
  • persons with family tasks should not suffer any disadvantages thereof

Gender equality officers at Viadrina are available to answer any question you might have and to provide support.

Consultations for Applicants

If you have any questions in relation to gender equality, compatibility of family and career, in the selection procedures, regulation of measures to promotion of equality and women as foreseen by Brandenburg Higher Education Act, Gender equality officers will be happy to answer them and to assist you prior or during the application/appointment procedure. The consultation can be conducted by email, phone or – when agreed upon in advance – in a face-to-face conversation.

Information specific to actual vacancies or professorships can be obtained from contact person(s) specified in the advertisement.

Gender equality officers attend all appointment procedures as well as most recruitment procedures. Due to limited resources not every recruitment procedure will be accompanied by gender equality officer. Please notify us if you wish the monitoring of your procedure.

Consultations for University Staff

If you work at Viadrina and you seek advise concerning gender equality in career development or in application procedure

Gender equality officers will advise you on topics such as gender quality in your career development, e.g. if after first qualification phase at Viadrina you wish to continue the second qualification phase at another university. They provide information on legal regulations on gender equality or compatibility of family and career as well as funding opportunitites and consultation possibilities for academics. The consultation can be conducted by email, phone or – when agreed upon in advance – in a face-to-face conversation.

Anonymous Recruitment

The Viadrina is a first university in Germany to carry out a pilot project for (partial) anonymous recruitment. The project has been included as a measure in Gender Equality Policy of the university.

Standardized, (partially) anonymous on-line recruitment (without information on applicant’s name, age, gender, nationality) should decrease influence of biases in filling of the vacancies. Since 2012 the pilot project has gone through the stages of conceptualization, a test phase in the recruitment management with involvement of the cooperation unit ‘Wissenschaft und Arbeitswelt’ at Viadrina – a unit which scientifically monitored the model project of Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency as well.

Further information can be found on the website of human resources department. (in German only)