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Gender Equality Office of Viadrina


Are you pregnant and wish to find out how best to combine your studies with bringing up a child?

The Families Commissioner and Gender Equality Commissioner offer counselling services. 
You will find information on the website of the Family Services Office
Pregnancy counselling service of Frankfurt (Oder) town council
Information on the new Maternity Protection Act.

Are you pregnant and not sure whether you want to keep the baby? Or are you in distressing personal circumstances?

Pregnancy, not to mention an unwanted pregnancy, can give rise to many questions or lead to difficult personal situations. Is the pregnancy compatible with studying or the woman’s personal circumstances? The Gender Equality Commissioner, the Families Commissioner and the Psychological Counselling Service offer initial personal counselling if you are unsure whether you want to keep the baby.

There are also several other counselling and support services available that offer advice and assistance in conflicts that may arise in connection with a pregnancy:

State-recognized counselling services:
Pro Familia Frankfurt (Oder) 
Public Health Authority Frankfurt (Oder)
Local services throughout Germany

Are you pregnant and afraid to tell anyone? Information on giving birth anonymously is available.
Counselling service for Polish women: Women help Women / Ciocia Basia
Who can you turn to if you have been raped? Hospitals offer immediate medical assistance in cases of rape and confidential securing of forensic evidence
Helpline offering assistance in cases of violence against women
Further information on terminating a pregnancy (abortion)
Information on which doctors perform terminations in Frankfurt (Oder) and which methods are used (surgical or medical abortion) is available at doctor’s surgeries and at the counselling services listed above.