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Completion fellowship

Who can apply for a VIP completion fellowship?
Only international doctoral candidates of the Viadrina with foreign citizenship and foreign university entrance qualification can apply for a completion fellowship within the VIP.
What are the requirements for an application?
Conditions to apply for a completion fellowships within the VIP are the following. Firstly, a good promotional performance of the international doctoral candidates and, secondly, the projection that a successful completion will take place within the next 6 months. Completion fellowships are intended to give international doctoral students at the Viadrina an opportunity to concentrate on their final doctoral phase and to promote through the scholarship the completion of their doctorate.
How can I apply for a VIP completion fellowship?
Please consult the instructions for application for the VIP. For a completion fellowship at the Viadrina (6 months) please consult the current call for applications for a detailed description of the required documents. Also be aware of the application deadline of the current call for applications as applications received after this date cannot be accepted.
I would like to apply for a completion fellowship for less than 6 months. Can I still apply?
Unfortunately not. Completion fellowships for less than 6 months are not possible. The mandatory minimum time for a completion fellowship is 6 months.
What documents do I need for an application to the VIP?
In addition to a curriculum vitae in tabular form (possibly with list of publications), proof of non-German citizenship and the completed application form, you must also submit a letter of motivation (max. 1 page), proof of a completed university degree and a description of your income situation and secondary activities before and during the duration of the fellowship. You need as well a doctoral admission and a doctoral agreement, a manuscript of the dissertation including a list of contents and bibliographies, stating that at least 75% of the work has been completed and can be completed within the funding period. You must enclose an exposé (max. 3 pages) of your PhD with your application too, including a tabular timetable for its completion. Your supervisor must add a favourable assessment. This assessment must explicitly comment on the scientific quality of the doctoral project and on the current status of the manuscript. Please follow the link current call for applications for an exact breakdown of the required documents.
Should the written assessment from my supervisor be sent directly to the VIP?
Please include the written assessment form from your supervisor and your letter of invitation directly into your application for a completion fellowship at the Viadrina. It isn’t necessary for the supervisor to send the report separately. Please be aware, however, that the report from your supervisor must be submitted signed.
What information should I include in my letter of motivation?
Your letter of motivation for a Graduate-Fellowship at the Viadrina should not exceed 2 pages. Include your motivation for an acquaintance stay at the Viadrina. Please describe the status of your PhD and the planned activities until the end of your dissertation. When composing your cover letter always bear in mind the Goals of the VIP.
As proof of a completed university degree must I include an official, notarized translation of my original certificate?
If you have an official, notarized translation of your original certificate you are welcome to include it. Although a copy of your original certificate in a European language is sufficient. If in doubt as to whether your university degree certificate is sufficient for your application please contact the Project Coordination of the VIP.
Should I submit my application for a research stay abroad in English or German?
You can apply in English or German. Application forms and reports can be found, in English or German, on the VIP website under "Downloads". Please choose the language that is most appropriate for you (also your supervisor) and that most effectively represents your research stay abroad.
In what form should I send my application?
Please send your application by email in 1 PDF file (max. 2MB) to the Project Coordination of the VIP ( It is not necessary to apply by postal mail.

What does the completion fellowship at the Viadrina include as part of the VIP?
The final fellowship includes a monthly fellowship of 1200 Euro for 6 months.
I currently receive a grant for my PhD from my home university or an outside institution (i.e. foundation or endowment). Can I still apply for a fellowship?
If you already receive a doctoral scholarship, it is not possible to apply for a completion fellowship as part of the VIP. The Fellowship cannot be awarded if another grant is awarded for the same purpose and period.
In addition to receiving the final fellowship, can I pursue other professional activities?
By receiving the completion fellowship within the framework of the VIP, you commit yourself to devote your full working energy to the dissertation project. Sideline activities in the form of a scientific or a non-scientific activity are permitted. Income from such a secondary activity will not be credited to the scholarship up to a maximum exemption limit of 450 Euro per month gross.
Can I apply for additional child support from the VIP?
Unfortunately the VIP cannot provide child support. However there is the possibility to apply to the Family Representative of the Viadrina for child support for children, foster children or dependent children living under your roof. Further information concerning child support for international PhD students can be found at the Family Representative of the Viadrina (
How are applicants for the VIP selected?
After the deadline for applications has past, all applications will be forwarded to the Commission for the Appropriation of Funds within the Field of Research and Graduate Education of the European University Viadrina. The commission will then review all applications and will make their decision based upon the criteria and goals of the VIP.
Are all applications assessed at the same time after the application deadline has past or is the awarding of fellowships carried out consecutively?
After the application deadline all applications are collected and forwarded to The Commission for the Appropriation of Funds within the Field of Research and Graduate Education of the European University Viadrina. The time of application plays no role in the selection procedure as long as the application is submitted before the application deadline. There is no ongoing selection process.
When can I expect to receive a decision?
The project coordination will send you an email to confirm that they have received your application. This email will also contain an estimated date for the decisions to be made.