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Step 1: The Application
  • Please refer to the call for applications of the respective funding lines for the necessary application forms.
  • You can find the appropriate application forms under “Downloads”.
  • All applications (1 PDF file; max.2 MB) are to be submitted to the Project Coordination by email before the deadline.
Step 2: The Selection
  • After the application deadline all application forms will be assessed.
  • The Commission for the Appropriation of Funds within the Field of Research and Graduate Education of the Viadrina will select applicants for research stays abroad as well as research/acquaintance stays at the Viadrina. The selection will last approx. 2 months.

  • Please refrain from making inquiries into your application at this time.
Step 3: The Acceptance or Rejection
  • After the selection process is completed acceptance or rejection emails will be sent.
  • Successful applicants will receive a confirmation form from the Project Coordinator. Please fill out this form and return it, signed, to the Project Coordinator before the deadline.
  • Over the following weeks and months the project coordinator will inform successful applicants all of the required information regarding: research stays, acquaintance stays, conferences for early-stage researchers at the Viadrina and grants for editing and publishing foreign-language articles and monographs.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will, unfortunately, not receive a fellowship or grant from the Viadrina. We apologise, in advance, that we are unable to give individual reasons for the rejection of applications.