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Viadrina Support and Emergency Fund for Students and Researchers from Ukraine

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Numerous students and researchers who had to flee Ukraine in the past weeks have reached out to us with a request for support. We have already been able to welcome some scientists and their families. We are also in contact with others who face similar challenges. In reaction to this, the Foundation of the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) has established the Viadrina Support and Emergency Fund for students and researchers who had to flee from the country. In a joint effort, we want to make it easier for the people who are affected by the war in Ukraine to arrive in Frankfurt (Oder), ensure their safety, and offer them prospects of studying at the European University Viadrina as well as opportunities for accessing the German education system.

Collected funds will be used for:

  • accommodation in student dormitories and rented apartments upon arrival in Frankfurt (Oder)
  • provision of assistance with daily living needs
  • psychological counseling
  • scholarships
  • integration of scientists into the research activities of the Viadrina through fellowships.

In order to be able to provide both short-term emergency assistance and sustainable help in securing educational biographies, we rely on your support. We kindly ask you to contribute to the Viadrina Support and Emergency Fund for students and researchers who had to flee from Ukraine.

Account for donations:
Bank: Sparkasse Oder-Spree
Account Holder: Stiftung Europa-Universität Viadrina
IBAN: DE82 1705 5050 300 300 300 2
Payment Reference: Donation „Ukraine-Hilfe / 33 00 10 54“

Your donation is tax deductible. Up to an amount of 300 euros, your bank receipt (account statement with the note "donation") is sufficient as a donation receipt. For donations over 300 euros, we will be able to issue a donation receipt, provided you send us your address by e-mail to 100 percent of all donations will be used to support affected persons, in accordance with the guidelines adopted by the Foundation's Board of Directors.

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